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When one IT company comes to another IT company and wants her to implement her CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a topic that is on the lips of most entrepreneurs these days. CRM class systems enable the conduct and management of relations with customers and suppliers, which affects the success of companies in today’s competitive reality. Advatech, a company operating in the IT industry, decided to implement the Salesforce CRM system through the TTMS implementation partner in order to better manage relations with customers and suppliers.

The management of the Advatech Sales Department has long recognized the need to use dedicated customer relationship management solutions, and specific actions in this direction were taken in the last quarter of 2021. In the following months, until September 2022, an analysis of various CRM products from various vendors was carried out, and Salesforce was finally selected.

After the decision to implement the Salesforce system was made, further work was started, such as:

– pre-implementation analysis,

– implementation,

– system configuration,

– tests of subsequent iterations of delivered functionalities,

– launch of the system in the first quarter of 2023. This process required meticulous and reliable work related to process mapping, which after optimization and testing were reflected in an integrated, central system.

The implementation of the system required a change in the existing habits related to the organization of work and a change at the mental level of people inside the organization who use the system’s functionality. It was crucial to understand that the system is not a tool mainly used by superiors to verify the quantity and quality of work of people in sales departments, but is a place to build a central management strategy and strengthen and maintain loyalty and long-term relationships with customers and suppliers.

The implementation of the CRM class system required the involvement of the entire sales department and selected people from other departments in the company. A narrow group of people most involved in the project were Jacek Szubert – project sponsor, Mateusz Płotnicki – project owner and leader, Radosław Czekacz – leader and role representative in the system – Regional Director, Michał Żyła – leader and role representative in the system – KAM, Mariusz Herman – leader and role representative in the system – DWS, Łukasz Durkalec – leader and role representative in the system – Technical Director, Konrad Puchała – leader and role representative in the system – Presales, team supporting Leaders from branches other than WRO: Łukasz Śrama – KAM – POZ, Maciej Stodolny – DWS – POZ, Przemysław Pacanowski – KAM-WAW, Kamil Wieczorek – DWS – WAW, Robert Klepak – Project Manager on the side of Advatech.

CRM from Salesforce is a solution that brings many benefits to the organization, as the example of Advatech shows. It eliminates problems related to the storage and exchange of information, shortens the time needed for business operations, improves communication and builds a knowledge base, taking care of the correctness and security of data.